We have all the information you need about Health Care Reform and can guide and assist your employees in enrolling in our Private Exchange.

How do you balance the cost of employee benefits with the need to care for your most valuable asset, your people?  We want to help you with that challenge.

Working as an extension of your management team, we listen to your concerns and help you make choices.  Ones that retain employees as well as preserve a good, productive relationship between company and staff.

We offer your employees:

Rather than just dropping by for annual renewals, we are available to discuss emerging issues and solve problems.  We also analyze your plan and collaborate to build a benefits package that suits your company and your employees today and tomorrow.

Health Insurance

Employer-sponsored health coverage for business owners, employees and their dependents.  Employers and employees can share costs and there are special tax incentives available to businesses that provide health insurance.  We help guide you to the right health plan for you and your employees and ensure that your employees understand their plan and appreciate the value of what is being provided.  Berry Insurance Group is with you and your employees every step of the way through enrollment meetings, helping to guide employees individually, assisting employees with claims issues with the carriers and carrying out our Partner Process throughout the year.

Dental and Vision

Dental and/or Vision Plans can be a voluntary or employer-sponsored coverage that is provided through many of the major carriers in the Northeast; Dental Care Plus, Assurant, MetLife, EyeMed, Guardian and virtually all of our major carriers.  Various plan designs and network options are available to ensure that we can provide a plan that fits your companies needs and budget.  Premiums can be payroll deducted.

Long & Short Term Disability

Group Long and Short Term Disability is used when physician-documented disability results in a loss of income for an employee.  Long and Short Term disability plans pay benefits based on a percentage of the employee’s gross income for a period of time while disabled.  Plan options can be employer-sponsored or voluntary and can be altered by the period of time coverage lasts, the time before benefits kick in and the income requirements. 

Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is a master policy contract with the employer and carrier- the employer offers the coverage, usually a type of renewable term insurance, to it’s employees.  Employers may pay all the costs or share it with employees through payroll deduction.

Work Site Benefits

Work Site Benefits are usually voluntary benefits provided by the employer through payroll deduction.  These benefits include Accident, Cancer/Specified Disease, Critical Care and Recovery, Hospital Confinement.  Work Site benefits are usually provided through our carriers such as Aflac or Coloniel Life.

Legal/Identity Theft

Unexpected legal issues can arise everyday- with legal protection you can have the benefit of having access to a quality law firm to advise on a number of issues including, real estate, document review, speeding ticket and will preparation.  Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year- with this protection your employees will be provided identity monitoring and the protection in case their identity is stolen and needs to be restored.  Coverage for both Legal and Identity Theft can be for employees, their spouse and/or the dependents.

Limited Medical Plans

Limited Medical Plans are not subject to PPACA requirement, have no pre-existing conditions limitations, and are guaranteed issue.  These plans are unlike tradition group health plans because they only pay out a certain amount per benefit.  For example they may only have a benefit of $100 per office visit or $5,000 per hospital admission.

Wellness Assistance

At Berry Insurance Group we encourage you and your employees to enroll in Wellness programs.  We teach your employees the impact of Wellness Programs and how they will relate to their health care cost trends.. Wellness Programs can be useful to employees to show the impact of unhealthy behaviors such as poor diet, obesity and tobacco.  Wellness programs are set up to make your employees motivated and to give them the tools and environment they need to live a healthy life style.  We can assist you in finding providers for many  programs, planning and tools.  We can also provide many Wellness tools including Wellness calendars, articles and data findings.


Our private health insurance exchange is a marketplace offering a unique service to consumers in need of single or family insurance coverage.  Berry Insurance Group's Exchange Site is design is meant to make your insurance purchase a simple, pressure-free experience.

We offer helpful calculators, plan wizards, product guides and links to the most relevant and informative web sites.  The opportunity to utilize the expertise of your insurance broker in the decision making process is also an added value.  You can access more information and our Private Exchange by clicking here.

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