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We know how important your business is to you.  It is far more than a profit and loss sheet.  It’s people.  It’s property.  It’s delivering a product and serving the customer.  There is a lot of responsibility.  And a lot to protect.

Through our Partner Process we dig in to analyze your risk exposure.  We discuss how to manage that risk and then we develop an appropriate plan, customized for your company.

For every plan, we assure competitive pricing.  More importantly, we assure prompt action if you have a claim.

We offer nearly every type of protection for your business including:

• Commercial Liability
• Commercial Property
• Business Automobile
• Directors & Officers Coverage
• Professional Liability
• Employment Practice Liability
• Home Based Business
• Umbrella & Excess Liability
• Workers’ Compensation
Cyber Liability
• Inland Marine
• Surety

Commercial Liability

Commercial Liability provides coverage including defense for liabilities associated with operating a commercial business enterprise.  Policies are tailored to meet specific risk management needs of your business.

Commercial Property

Provides coverage for your buildings and contents.  Coverages range from specific named-perils policies to broader all-risk policies.

Business Automobile

A commercial automobile covers any automobile used for your business.  Coverage protects your investment in the value of owned vehicles, pays medical expenses when injuries occur, and covers an insured’s legal liability as a result of an automobile accident.

Directors & Officers

Insurance designed to protect the directors and officers of your organization from damages and defense costs due to civil claims, claims of negligence, and/or omissions.

Professional Liability

Insurance coverage for defense costs and awards for liability arising from improper professional practices and errors and omissions in the conduct of business activities.

Employment Practices Liability

Provides coverage for defense costs and liability arising from allegations of improper employment practices, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

Home Based Business

Homeowner’s insurance does not necessarily cover many home business-related claims.  This could mean a major loss of income, as well as other significant losses, for your home business.  If you have a home based business consider contacting us to discuss proper coverage options that offer both protection and affordability.

Umbrella & Excess

This coverage compliments your property/liability program and provides additional limits of coverage.  In today’s litigious society, smart business people protect their investment with umbrella coverage.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is designed to meet the workers’ compensation laws of your state.  This coverage provides protection for injured workers and supporting protection through employer’s liability coverage.

Inland Marine

Insurance that provides coverage for business assets and hardware while these items are off premises.

Cyber Liability

In today’s technology driven world the risks associated with doing business online and storing sensitive customer data electronically has never been greater.  Cyber risk is increasing and data breaches now affect hundreds of millions of records a year.  You are responsible for protecting this data and can be liable if it is compromised.  Cyber Liability threats can result in significant out-of-pocket and reputational costs to a company.


A surety bond is a three party guarantee. What the bond guarantees varies depending on the language of the bond. The three parties are the principal (the person or entity required to obtain the bond), the obligee (whoever is requiring the bond of the principal), and the surety (the company backing the bond). A bond should be thought of as credit, not an insurance product for the principal. In the event of a valid claim, the surety will pay the obligee a specified amount and look to the principal for compensation for the claim. The principal pays an annual premium for the financial strength of the surety to write the guarantee rather than obtaining a letter of credit and tying up capital.

Berry Insurance Group represents many A+ rated and Treasury-listed surety companies. We can help you get started with a surety program or improve your existing surety program.

There are literally thousands of different surety bond requirements for various occupations; all of them are considered to be a certain bond type for which there is a surety bond category that it falls under. Each surety bond type falls under 1 of 2 bond categories: commercial or contract bonds. A bond type is defined by what it guarantees.

Commercial bonds are also known as non-contract bonds because they are not guaranteeing a specific contract. A very common commercial bond is a license & permit bond. These bonds are typically required by state or local regulations in order to obtain a license or permit to legally operate in a particular business. License & permit bonds may include contractor license bonds or mortgage broker bonds to name just a few.
Another common commercial bond category is judicial or court bonds. Court bonds guarantee an appointed fiduciary will comply per a court order and can include appeal, guardianship and probate bonds.

Contract bonds guarantee a specific contract and are best known as bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds and maintenance bonds.

If you think you want to take on bonded work, your first step is to discuss your plans with your Berry Insurance Group representative. We will guide you through the bonding process and assist you in establishing a business relationship with a surety company. Most contractors find that it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort establishing their first relationship with a surety company. Since the surety is guaranteeing your company's performance, it needs to gather and carefully analyze much information about you and your firm before it will agree to provide bonds.

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